Written true to my heart and healing to my soul

May you find something that speaks to you, heals you, or makes you smile

As they did for me

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3 Years This Day

Three years I met you This Day I did not know what to expect, This Day I did not expect anything at all And I am glad For I opened up my heart to you Willingly Seamlessly Instantly. I was connected I   felt   you As though I have known you for many, many  a lifetime...

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2019: Release

This morning as I was rummaging through the thoughts in my mind, I am held on the word: RELEASE. This whole year I was learning to raise myself from a child mindset to where I am now. I retraced my steps, revisited my past multiple times over and over until that part...

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Keep Holding…Keep Holding…

This morning I consistently asked and wanted to hug him close...so very much. I kept asking and holding and holding and holding... Until he said: “Hold me close and fixate on how it feels. Hold me tight until you can remember that feeling.Keep holding. Keep holding....

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To Bed

After a long discussion over something she has long since forgotten but still remember distinctly not letting up until she was satisfied with his answer, she smiled and gave him a warm embrace.  “Thank you,” she said, holding back tears.  He returned her smile. A soft...

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Why I Host My Own .Com Website

A little background: I came across this artist Facebook group question asking: "What is preventing [artists] from opening their own .com storefront. If so many of you are upset about Etsy, TicTail, or whatever site's business decisions why are you limiting yourself to...

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Healing from My Creative Injury

While flipping through one of my favorite artists', Kelly Rae Roberts, stories on Instagram a few days ago, I came across this quote her friend  Brené Brown shared on her Instagram: "The creative adult is the child who has survived."  - Julian F. Fleron...

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Finding My Artist Way Again

Since the last time I posted a video, I wasn't really quite myself. Here's what happened and where I am now. (See video below.) I hit an all time low at the beginning of 2018. I let go of everything I identified with: a convention artist, a teacher of a...

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Holding On

Why does your heart ache?Because you are holding onto something tightly. As you already know, I have fallen out of a relationship with someone about a year and a half ago. While I have recently and actively chosen to move on from this relationship, the ME...

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I Can Help You Smile Again

One of my past boyfriends gifted me this panda bear when we were out at a fair. (I whooped his butt at a game, and the concession stand dude made him pay for the prize lol). A few months later, we broke up and as much as I wanted to forget and move on from...

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Being Present for the Past

I drew this as a result of a past guilt I had placed on myself.
I knew it was guilt.
If I didn’t get so emotional.
If only I was aware of my emotions, I could have prevented this from happening.
From losing this relationship and hurting someone I really loved.

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Letting Myself Be Angry

An aside from Being Present for the Past *** I remember when I was having an argument with my mom and I couldn't hold back my anger anymore. I let myself be angry. I could feel it. I just let my emotions go. And yes, even though the neighbors probably...

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Nothing to Prove

I am dreaming again. I didn't think I could do this again after I burned and crashed this past winter. I had worked so hard on a project, an online course. Only to realize later that the course was not what I wanted to do. And so... I stopped working. I...

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It Hurts to Talk About This…

It hurts to talk about this. To think back on the time that hurt so badly.

But I know I want to talk about it. So here goes:

Two months before 2018, I had started creating an online course called Artist Alley for Beginners to help artists get started selling at artist alleys at conventions. I did this to create a more conscious version of my first online course, The Profitable Convention Artist.

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Hold Space for the Pain

"Sense the pain Feel the pain See it for what it is And just allow it to BE... That is love and acceptance" . Very often we walk around carrying with us enormous pain. We may or may not be aware of it. But if something came up when you hear "pain," it's probably...

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