I keep the price tags

The boxes

The plastic bags

The wrapping papers

The receipts

Are these things really mine?

Do I have the right to use them?

Should I use them?

Or even look at them?

They were purchased by someone else

These used to belong to someone else

They were made by someone else

These things aren’t mine

They do not belong with me

I do not deserve these

I do not deserve to keep these

To use these

To cherish these

I do not have the right to hold these in my hands

Or lovingly hold them in my gaze

No, I mustn’t look at them

They do not deserve me

I do not deserve them

I did nothing to have them

I did nothing to own them

In my presence

In my possession

In my custody

To decide their fates

To decide their lives

Who goes

And who dies?

Who am I to decide?

So I will shyly refold the wrapping paper

Reseal the plastic bags

Re-tape the boxes

Keep the price tags

Save the receipts

And tuck the things out of sight

For safekeeping

Or so I believe

As they deserve to stay

But not with me


That is

I am ready to see them again

Until then

I will reopen the boxes

Unseal the bags

Unwrap the wrapping papers

And hold you in my hands

Touch and feel you in my palms

Against my chest

Through my body

And with my heart

I deserve you

You deserve me

We both have each other



And Always

I cherish you

I accept you

I receive you

You are with me

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