I’m Tuyet Tran

I believe many of us carry thoughts in our minds and pains in our hearts,

that, without noticing, may prevent us from fully expressing our

True Inner Selves.

My work is to allow more of our true selves to show up and be freely expressed through

Conscious and Compassionate


~the state in which we are creating~

As we practice being more conscious and compassionate with ourselves,

We can begin to be



Below are just some of my creations. 

May you enjoy them as I did creating them.




I don’t want to
I don’t want to move
It’s too comfortable here
Where I lay
Nothing needs to be changed
I do not want to get up

Price Tag

I keep the price tags
The boxes
The plastic bags
The wrapping papers
The receipts
Are these things really mine?
Do I have the right to use them?
Should I use them?
Or even look at them?


Your values and memories expressed within each picture holds very dearly and sentimental to me. Not many people are able to express, let alone, feel, the different portrayals of positivity, love, and happiness about the life we have…The one thing that makes you stand out is that your art gives hope, love, happiness, and familiarity about the things we all value in life the most.

Angela Luong

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Thank you kindly. <3



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