I’m Tuyet Tran

I believe many of us carry noise in our minds and pains in our hearts that keep us from fully expressing our true inner selves.

My work is to allow more of our true selves to show up and express themselves freely through conscious 

Living, Loving, and Creating.

As we practice being compassionate with ourselves, we can begin to 


Truly Ourselves


Accepting Your Artist Skills and Limitations

Just the other day as I was working through my childhood creative wounds. I have come to realized the source of my frustration and dissatisfaction with my artwork. The reason for this statement:“It’s just not good enough.” At a very young age, I had...

Healing from My Creative Injury

While flipping through one of my favorite artists', Kelly Rae Roberts, stories on Instagram a few days ago, I came across this quote her friend  Brené Brown shared on her Instagram: "The creative adult is the child who has survived."  - Julian F. Fleron...

Finding My Artist Way Again

Since the last time I posted a video, I wasn't really quite myself. Here's what happened and where I am now. (See video below.) I hit an all time low at the beginning of 2018. I let go of everything I identified with: a convention artist, a teacher of a...


Your values and memories expressed within each picture holds very dearly and sentimental to me. Not many people are able to express, let alone, feel, the different portrayals of positivity, love, and happiness about the life we have…The one thing that makes you stand out is that your art gives hope, love, happiness, and familiarity about the things we all value in life the most.

Angela Luong

More Loving Words from others

Social Media


I may seem inactive on social media, but rest assured, I am very much alive and well in the back-end.

There are projects, writings, and artwork in the making.

When the time is right, I sense they will be shared here on this website and on the following social media accounts.

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Thank you kindly. <3