To the man that offered to help me into the bank ATM:
Thank you for your help
Thank you for your kindness 
And thank you for being straightforward with me
“Are you single?
Do you live here?
I’m just asking because you look cute.
I was wondering if we can exchange numbers.”
Thank you
But no”
I said.
No qualm.
No anger.
No persistence.
Thank you for your respect and kindness.
It was refreshing.
And thank you to Self.
I was able to be truly myself around a man without the fear of needing to please him or be polite.
I received his compliment and gesture with grace and gratitude.
No disregarding.
No sidestepping.
No lies.
I’m proud of myself.
I’m happy with the work I’ve done.
It’s taken quite a bit of time.
But I’m feeling confident
Truly confident.
There are still many blockages I can feel throughout my body, but I’m encouraged to feel them through
Listen to them through 
Be with them through
Thank you for reflecting what I feel in myself
Kindness, love, and acceptance
I in turn feel I can trust the world around me once more
What I feel in my heart and in my soul.
Thank you, man at the ATM.
Thank you.
Much love to you.

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