Drawing this took ~2.5 days!
Day 1: Get to know the alters, rough sketch of their look + scene
Day 2: Verify the colors, features of the alters and structure of the drawing (because I don’t know how to dress “emo” or how to have olive skin…)
Day 3ish: Final sketch, line work + color!

A little rough with sketching, inking and colored pencils but I had fun drawing this! So nice to get my feet wet in these mediums again. I’m sure everything will look cooler from this day forward! ^_^

Also, I didn’t finish the drawing when I filmed the last scene. I just didn’t want to get dressed again for the camera lol.

AlexMax Han’s Channel

The Video Describing How Their Alters Look Like

Thank you to Jess, Alex, Max, KC, Jade, and Quinn for sharing with us!