“Sense the pain
Feel the pain
See it for what it is
And just allow it to BE…
That is love and acceptance”
Very often we walk around carrying with us enormous pain. We may or may not be aware of it.
But if something came up when you hear “pain,” it’s probably because it is there inside you.
Right there.
Right now.
And that is okay.
If you can be aware of the pain when it arises, when you can feel it and see it for what it is, when you can be there FOR the pain that has been ignored for as long as it has been, you are choosing to be kind.
Kind to yourself and kind to the pain.
And by allowing that pain a space to simply BE, you may notice how its intensity lessens and maybe even…”disappear.”
It’s because you finally acknowledged it.
You recognized it.
And instead of running away from pain, you let it “vent,” you let it cry. You rest your hand on its shoulder, maybe even give it a tight hug.
You gave it LOVE.
And in return, the pain feels your love.
And when something feels loved, it will return to you as LOVE. ❤️
Wow, I think I need to get this description drawn into a series of pictures or even animated…OH MAN! That’s a thought!

On a side note, thank you so much for your patience everyone! I have been very much to myself lately but I’m happy I decided to take some time off from social media. I feel like I can create freely again. In other words, no holding back! Lots of changes and plans for my social media, including Youtube, Instagram and Facebook! Please be on the lookout for that. I can’t wait to share! 😊
With #truthlovelife,
Tuyet Tran

Hold Space for the Pain

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