3 Years This Day

Three years I met you This Day

I did not know what to expect,

This Day

I did not expect anything at all

And I am glad

For I opened up my heart to you




I was connected

I   felt   you

As though I have known you for many, many 

a lifetime

You opened up your heart and invited me in

I felt you there





. . .




You knew me for who I am

You felt what was and held it for me to see

And I saw Me 

Through You

Felt Me

Through You

Love/d Me

Through You

You held me to See

And I felt held

Looked at


With your mirror-like Soul

You gleaming, glowing Presence

Your Youness that is You


Thank you for being, for me

For being You

I felt most myself with you


Thank you love

You were there

You have always been there

I am now aware

With your help

Your existence

Your Being

The day we met three years This Day

Thank you 

I love you



Keep Holding…Keep Holding…

This morning I consistently asked and wanted to hug him close…so very much.
I kept asking and holding and holding and holding…
Until he said:
“Hold me close and fixate on how it feels.
Hold me tight until you can remember that feeling.
Keep holding. Keep holding. 
Can you feel that?
That sensation?
All throughout your body?
Hold that.
Hold that until you remember it.”
I held onto that feeling until my body recognized it, as much as I could. 
And now I can feel it even more strongly.
When I ask again to be held, it’s even more instantaneous that I feel it.
Not on the surface of my body,
But from within.
I feel held and hugged from within.
How wonderful this feeling is.

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