Drawing AlexMax Han’s Alters | Make Something Up! (Episode 1) – Tuyet Tran

Drawing AlexMax Han’s Alters | Make Something Up! (Episode 1) – Tuyet Tran

Drawing this took ~2.5 days!
Day 1: Get to know the alters, rough sketch of their look + scene
Day 2: Verify the colors, features of the alters and structure of the drawing (because I don’t know how to dress “emo” or how to have olive skin…)
Day 3ish: Final sketch, line work + color!

A little rough with sketching, inking and colored pencils but I had fun drawing this! So nice to get my feet wet in these mediums again. I’m sure everything will look cooler from this day forward! ^_^

Also, I didn’t finish the drawing when I filmed the last scene. I just didn’t want to get dressed again for the camera lol.

AlexMax Han’s Channel

The Video Describing How Their Alters Look Like

Thank you to Jess, Alex, Max, KC, Jade, and Quinn for sharing with us!

How People Feel About My Art

How People Feel About My Art

Man, if only you could be there to see their IMMEDIATE reaction to my art. Their eyes twinkle and glow, their smiles could light up the entire room for DAYS. It’s magical. How can I NOT have loved my time in the artist alley??

After purchasing some art, nine people kindly tell their story of how they came across my booth, why they decide to buy my art, and how they feel about it. Not their immediate reaction but their experience nonetheless. ^_^

And an added bonus: 6 minutes of real feels captured in real time from yours truly.

I tabled at conventions from 2015 – 2017. These were all filmed in 2017.

Thank you for making me smile at my art every time. ^_^



My Open Letter to My Ex

My Open Letter to My Ex

My open letter to my ex filmed and edited last year:

I never thought I’d record a letter of gratitude to an ex…
Let alone let the whole world know.
But for an experience that wasn’t all roses and daisies, this was very therapeutic and healing. 😊♥
I know it’s not easy to forgive and love someone who have “done you wrong,” but doing so heals. It doesn’t have to happen immediately. You can hate them all you want for as long as you want.
But when the time comes when the hate becomes too great, when it becomes too painful, love will heal the pain.

I am Quitting Conventions

I am Quitting Conventions

As some of you have heard from my social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), I’m not planning to sell my artwork at conventions anymore.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I feel that it’s best for me to focus my energy creating and selling art online for the time being. I realize that in the long run, I’d much rather be home with my family and friends over the weekends, especially for special occasions, than to travel away from home to cons.

Don’t get me wrong, I love meeting you all in person SOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHH! I wouldn’t be where I am now without your wonderful and undying support! Thank youuuuuu! <3

But my body can only handle so much traveling in a year, and when I settle down, I want to know that I have income rolling in without the need to travel from my own home.

I do plan to return to cons after some time away from it. Not sure when yet but I’ll be sure to make an announcement. ^_^ In the meantime, I’ll be popping up online more often now, which I think is a plus, right?? =D

I realize that some of you, my dear fans and followers, were heartbroken by the news. I truly had no idea that I had a huge impact in your life. One person have even said they traveled 6 hours to just meet me at Anime Expo 2017 because they wouldn’t be able to meet me at SacAnime.

After this year, I don’t have plans on attending SacAnime again anytime soon. Or any cons in the near future for that matter, except for Kumoricon in October, which will be my last. I know, I’ll miss you all!

Also, I know many of you knew me as “Snowgem.” I have decided not to leave Snowgem in the past and turning towards using my name Tuyet Tran and this website and @TrulyTuyet as my personal social media account for my art and writings.

This is simply a reflection of who I wish to be from now but also an acceptance of who I used to be: Truly me, Truly Tuyet.

And part of this transformation is to create artwork that truly speaks to me and relates and communicates their true nature and acceptance of who they are.

So there is likely to be fewer fanart and more real and authentic artwork from me each with their own stories to tell.

And I very much look forward to sharing them with you!

As one of my Instagram followers aptly commented on my change in handle, “You’re adulting.” LOL

Yes. Yes, I am. XD

And I look forward to adulting with you. <3