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Prepare for Your First Artist Alley Checklist

I know first hand how frightening and ill-prepared you may feel to sell at your very first artist alley. I remember the first time I signed up to share a table with one of my friends at a convention's artist alley. I was so nervous at the thought of selling at a...

Artist Alley Travel Supplies List

Below is the checklist I created for my artist alley courses back in 2017-2018, but I knew in my heart I wanted to make this list available for free for other artists to use. So here it is. ^_^ While this includes the list of supplies I used myself, I encourage you to...

Prepare for your First Artist Alley Checklist

Preparing for your first artist alley can be scary, confusing, and very stressful.

I know it was for me!

So let’s simplify things a bit with a Prepare for Your First Artist Alley Checklist. Go through each of the steps on this list at your own pace. It is made to be simple and to the point so you can go follow the steps with ease.

May you feel more prepared and confident for your first artist alley experience. ^_^

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