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Prepare for your First Artist Alley Checklist

Preparing for your first artist alley can be scary, confusing, and very stressful.

I know it was for me!

So let’s simplify things a bit with a Prepare for Your First Artist Alley Checklist. Go through each of the steps on this list at your own pace. It is made to be simple and to the point so you can go follow the steps with ease.

May you feel more prepared and confident for your first artist alley experience. ^_^

Preparing for artist alley while still being true to yourself

– Course Currently Closed – 

Artist Alley for Beginners was initially created to help artists prepare AND have fun making money at artist alleys. So I created this course in hopes of making the artist alley preparation process more enjoyable and stress-free for you.

The course has 3 main purposes:

  • Help artists streamline their artist alley preparation process
  • Give business-minded artists ideas to execute and prepare for a profitable artist alley show and business; and
  • Allow artists to be true to themselves

I believe that staying true to yourself is key to enjoying the process.

I will provide you with my own suggestions and ideas base on my own 3-year artist alley experience, but it is still up to you to do what feels right for your soul.


Allow me to help you get ready for your first artist alley! Where would you like me to send your checklist to?

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