Hi, I’m Tuyet Tran.

I love people,

I believe in love,

And I am committed to enhancing people’s lives through words and art.

Here is what I know for sure:

That all human beings are beautiful, inside and out.

That despite our outward appearances, personalities, possessions, labels, and titles,

We all have something in common:

We are all capable of feeling.

Fear and pain;

Guilt and shame;

Anger and sadness.

But despite feeling these emotions,

We are NOT these emotions.

We only experience emotions.

And experiencing ANY kind of emotion makes us human.

And being human is BEAUTIFUL. 

So let your emotions BE.

Do not run away from them.

Do not ignore them.

Just be there FOR them.

Just as you would for someone you love.

Simply hold space for your emotions.

Feel through them,

Acknowledge and recognize them,

Just as they are.

“Hello Sadness, how are you?”

“Hello Fear, what would you like to say?”

“Hi Anger, is there something you need?”

Feel as much as you can,

Through your hands,

Your arms,

Your chest,

Your thighs,

Your feet…

Are there tears in your eyes?

Then let them flow.

How are you breathing?




Notice your breath.

Notice your body.

And with practice,

You may just feel a little lighter,

Stand a little taller,

And love a little deeper.

All with more joy, peace and kindness to yourself and to those around you.

I wish you well on your healing and self-loving journey.


What I do:

I create a few things, like writings, art, videos, resources, 

And scatter them throughout my website.

(Shouldn’t be too difficult to find them though. ;D)

Wherever you come from

And however you came here,

I am happy to have you!

Sharing my emotions and experiences through my creations bring me great joy and fulfillment.

So please enjoy your stay.

And remember:

You are free to feel and free to be.

Just as you are.

A breathing, gentle human being.

You are loved.

You are accepted.

You are humanly perfect,

Just as you are.

With love and tenderness,