Hello everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Thank you so much for being here with me for as long—or short—as you have. 😊

I suppose I can give you a little summary of what has happened since January (and as far back as late 2016).

I’ve been falling in love…with myself. 😊

Really I have.

I’ve been spending many quiet and loud moments being with myself and learning to love Me:

my past, my body,

my mind, my heart,

my tears, my anger,

my grief, my pain,

my joy, my happiness,

my fear, my shame

my family, my friends,

my bunny, my home,

my relationships, my freedom,

my career-lessness, my career-fullness…

I have learned to be me more than I’ve ever been and I couldn’t be happier and prouder for myself.

I was a scared little girl, everyone.

Scared, anxious, depressed, worried, hateful, revengeful, confused, sad, shameful—all-around not very happy, even though I wanted to be.

Giving myself permission to feel these emotions, to be vulnerable with myself, and most of all, be the most compassionate I’ve ever been for myself…

I am here because I have been the one for me.

I took care of myself these past few years.

REALLY took care of myself. As I would for a sick, lonely child. More than I’ve ever done for anyone. More than I’ve ever done for myself.

Being my own confidant, therapist, listener, friend, family, lover…

I’ve never felt happier.

I feel strong, courageous, confident—more than enough.

I feel like I don’t need to try to be myself anymore.

I am myself.

More than I’ve ever been.

And I’m happy to be here with you.

As I am.



And Authentically, Me.

So thank you for being here. For being kind, gentle, patient, and open with me.

I’ve received so many wonderful messages, through kind words and energy, from you all these past few years, while I fumbled through the darkness and found myself as the Light.

I am more than happy to show you my work now. 😊

As critical and fearful as I’ve felt about creating and showing my work, I now genuinely feel confident to show up and “show off” what I do. 😁

I love each of my mistakes, as they are not “bad.” They’re just where they need to be for me to learn something new. ♥️

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