Creations that come from the heart, around life, love, and creativity
May you find something that sparks inspiration or love for you

Your values and memories expressed within each picture holds very dearly and sentimental to me. Not many people are able to express, let alone, feel, the different portrayals of positivity, love, and happiness about the life we have…The one thing that makes you stand out is that your art gives hope, love, happiness, and familiarity about the things we all value in life the most.

Angela Luong

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Words written true to my heart and nourishing to the soul
May you find something that speaks to you, heals you, or makes you laugh
Just as they did for me

2019: Release

This morning as I was rummaging through the thoughts in my mind, I am held on the word: RELEASE. This whole year I was learning to raise myself from a child mindset to where I am now. I retraced my steps, revisited my past multiple times over and over until that part...

To Bed

After a long discussion over something she has long since forgotten but still remember distinctly not letting up until she was satisfied with his answer, she smiled and gave him a warm embrace.  “Thank you,” she said, holding back tears.  He returned her smile. A soft...


From books that helped me through depression to resources I created from a creative business perspective
May you find what you need most right now


Clients share their unsolicited comments, experiences and feelings about my work

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