Hi, I’m Tuyet Tran.

I love people,

I believe in love,

And I am committed to enhancing people’s lives through words and art.

Here is what I know for sure:

That all human beings are beautiful, inside and out.

That despite our outward appearances, personalities, possessions, labels, and titles,

We all have something in common…


Artist Alley for Beginners is Open Again for 3 Weeks

Re-released with Love I’m happy to announce that the Artist Alley for Beginners course is back up and open for registration! I’ve been holding onto this course quietly close in my heart for a very long time now, giving it the love and acceptance it needed...

What do I do?


I make art…


I write…

Holding On

Why does your heart ache? Because you are holding onto something. As you already know, I have fallen out of a relationship with someone...

I Can Help You Smile Again

One of my past boyfriends gifted me this panda bear when we were out at a fair. (I whooped his butt at a game, and the concession stand...

Being Present for the Past

I drew this as a result of a past guilt I had placed on myself.
I knew it was guilt.
If I didn’t get so emotional.
If only I was aware of my emotions, I could have prevented this from happening.
From losing this relationship and hurting someone I really loved.

Letting Myself Be Angry

An aside from Being Present for the Past *** I remember when I was having an argument with my mom and I couldn't hold back my anger...

Nothing to Prove

I am dreaming again. I didn't think I could do this again after I burned and crashed this past winter. I had worked so hard on a...

It Hurts to Talk About This…

It hurts to talk about this. To think back on the time that hurt so badly.

But I know I want to talk about it. So here goes:

Two months before 2018, I had started creating an online course called Artist Alley for Beginners to help artists get started selling at artist alleys at conventions. I did this to create a more conscious version of my first online course, The Profitable Convention Artist.

I am Quitting Conventions

https://youtu.be/pRZ8NhdW91k As some of you have heard from my social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), I’m not planning to sell my...

Hold Space for the Pain

"Sense the pain Feel the pain See it for what it is And just allow it to BE... That is love and acceptance" . Very often we walk around carrying...


I create resources for artists… ^_^

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