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Thank you for visiting my website. My wish for you and all of us is to be more of our true selves through living, loving, and creating. 

I am currently working to build a safe and secure foundation in which my creations, offerings, and business can thrive in a loving environment.

You may not see much of it happening on the surface on social media and blog postings, but things are shifting within and without behind-the-scenes. 

This website is changing as I am finding clarity in its purpose in this world and in this digital space.

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I’m Tuyet Tran

I believe many of us carry noise in our minds and pains in our hearts that keep us from fully expressing our true inner selves.

My work is to allow more of our true selves to show up and express themselves freely through conscious 

Living, Loving, and Creating.

As we practice being compassionate with ourselves, we can begin to 


Truly Ourselves


3 Years This Day

Three years I met you This Day I did not know what to expect, This Day I did not expect anything at all And I am glad For I opened up my heart to you Willingly Seamlessly Instantly. I was connected I   felt   you As though I have known you for many, many  a lifetime...

2019: Release

This morning as I was rummaging through the thoughts in my mind, I am held on the word: RELEASE. This whole year I was learning to raise myself from a child mindset to where I am now. I retraced my steps, revisited my past multiple times over and over until that part...

Keep Holding…Keep Holding…

This morning I consistently asked and wanted to hug him close...so very much. I kept asking and holding and holding and holding... Until he said: “Hold me close and fixate on how it feels. Hold me tight until you can remember that feeling.Keep holding. Keep holding....


Your values and memories expressed within each picture holds very dearly and sentimental to me. Not many people are able to express, let alone, feel, the different portrayals of positivity, love, and happiness about the life we have…The one thing that makes you stand out is that your art gives hope, love, happiness, and familiarity about the things we all value in life the most.

Angela Luong

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I may seem inactive on social media, but rest assured, I am very much alive and well in the back-end.

There are projects, writings, and artwork in the making.

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